Saturday, May 19, 2018

One Thing: "Golden Peak Spire"

One thing I love about Richard Grzela'a 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest entry is how easily it can be dropped into any campaign that is headed towards war, or battles. This is often part of the progression for characters, getting caught up in the politics of neighboring kingdoms or defending against vast hordes of inhuman invaders.  The banner at the top of this mountain could very well turn the tide in a losing war, or give the characters an edge before the fighting even begins.  An endless variety of hooks could lead your party to this adventure. Perhaps they will keep the banner for themselves, with one party member being saddled with the banner while the others benefit from its effects, or as part of a greater story they might part with it no sooner than they acquire it.
Nice work Richard!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

One Thing: "the awakening"

One thing I love about Dan Smith and Tisha Parti's 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest entry is how effective it can be used as a catalyst for an entire campaign in a post-apocalyptic game setting (or even used in a fantasy setting as well).

Smith and Parti have included lots of hooks and leads including the possibility of a lower level, robotic units, and other buried bases. The awakened sleeper will also likely have extensive knowledge of the past, including the locations that may contain all sorts of loot and salvage. She could emerge as a powerful NPC that could serve in an advisory capacity, or perhaps even a target of rival tribes fearful that her knowledge will give the character's people and unfair advantage.  There are lots of directions the game master and players can take after this "campaign seed" is planted.

Nice work Dan and Tisha!

One Thing: "Island X"

One thing that I love about Pyry Qvick's entry in the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest is the ever-changing nature of the environment. One minute the characters are marching towards the mysterious mountain at the center of the isle through a thick jungle, only to find themselves in the heart of a forest the next. From the jungle they may find themselves in a subterranean cave complex in an instant.

The island's inhabitants also share this peculiar, shifting quality, with familiar beasts having remarkably unfamiliar features. These effects intensify as the players near the mountain, with four possible causes listed (determine randomly or pick your favorite) once the characters reach the summit of the mountain.

Lots of potential for using bits from other One Page dungeons here as the island shifts. Is something trying to dissuade the characters from venturing closer to the mountain, or are they just neck deep strange magic that indiscriminately affects everything on the island?

Nice work Pyry!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One Thing: "Lava Clock"

One thing I love about Sterling Heibeck's "Lava Clock" is the sense of urgency and impending doom from the beginning to the very end.  As characters navigate the dungeon, the hands of the eponymous lava clock begin turning, causing a veritable lava storm to erupt in the main chamber of the volcano.  Many of the locations are precarious as it is, but even more deadly during one of these minor eruptions.

After fighting and puzzling their way to the chamber of flame and the adventure's conclusion, all while racing against the lava-clock, the part will be confronted with an imminent, full blown eruption that will kill them if they cannot escape in time.

Nice work Sterling!